No Frills Calf Milk Replacer

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Miro No Frills Calf Milk Replacer is a quality blend of New Zealand milkpowders. Miro No Frills Calf Milk Replacer is a non-curding, highly digestible quality milkpowder suitable for calves from 3 - 4 weeks old that are ruminating.

To encourage rumination a calf should have access to high quality grain supplement from 5 days of age. At 3-4 weeks they should be consuming approximately 750 grams of grain supplement per day. Cud chewing and a change in the colour of their faeces are clear indications of rumination.

All our products are subjected to our Quality Control procedures and are regularly tested in-house and externally at nationally recognised industry laboratories to ensure the quality of the final product. 

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No Frills Calf Milk Replacer


FAT 19%



*Due to ingredient variability typical analysis should be used as a guide only.

Ingredients selected from Nutritional Powders and WPC.


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