Rumen Rocket Calf Meal

Rumen Rocket, developed by Miro Feeds Ltd, contains the goodness of whole and coarse ground grains promoting early intake and rumen development. The larger grain particles allow for the slower release of carbohydrates which assist the development of the intestinal villi and wall.

Rumen Rocket is a starter feed designed to be fed to calves whilst on milk. Once the calves have weaned off milk the calves must be fed a different pellet/meal eg. 19% Premium Pellets, Mighty Max Grower Pellets or 15% Protein Pellets

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Rumen Rocket Calf Meal


Protein 18%

Ingredients selected from:

Coarse ground Maize, Whole Barley, Dried Distillers Grains, Soybean Meal, Peas, Molasses, Lime, Salt, Minerals and Bovatec®



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