Miro Feeds Returns & Refund policy

Please use this information to find out if you are able to return your purchased goods to Miro Feeds Ltd.

Miro Feeds Store items

You may return a purchased item if:
The item you chose is not suitable, you have the receipt and it is unused
The item is faulty and you have the receipt

Returning products

Please note that when returning all Miro Feeds products:
You must have proof of purchase and the product must be in unused condition
If you are a Miro Feeds Ltd account holder you will not need proof of purchase as we have all Miro Feeds Ltd account sales on record but you may only return product if it was purchased by the Miro Feeds Ltd account holder.


If you require a refund, this will be made via same way you purchased the item, so if you paid by EFTpos then you will be refunded by EFTpos.

The consumer guarantees act
Under the Act, your consumer rights are expressed as a series of "guarantees" that a seller automatically makes to you when you buy any good or service ordinarily purchased for personal use. We explain them below.

Retailers and other such suppliers guarantee their goods will:
Be of acceptable quality (see definition below).
Be fit for a particular purpose that you asked about.
Match the description given in advertisements or sales brochures, or by the sales assistant.
Match the sample or demonstration model.
Be owned by the consumer, once purchased.
Be a reasonable price, if no price or pricing formula has been previously agreed.

Acceptable quality
This means that goods:
Do what they are made to do.
Are acceptable in appearance and finish.
Are free from minor defects.
Are safe and durable.
Note: If a defect was pointed out to you before you bought the good, then it doesn't count towards making it unacceptable.

Cancelling Orders

You need to contact Miro Feeds Ltd during business hours to request the cancellation of an order. If your order has been picked and dispatched it will not be possible to cancel an order.

If you have any further questions regarding returning items please contact Miro Feeds Limited on 0800 647633