Our Philosophy

At Miro Feeds, we like to embrace the ‘Get Naked’ philosophy.

No that doesn’t mean we take our clothes off for work – sadly it is far too cold for that – but our business philosophy is about keeping things plain and simple, and getting on with the job. This is a Kiwi farming philosophy too of course, and we are after all, Kiwi Farmers too. 

So what does Get Naked mean? 

  • Basic packaging – nothing glossy, and no-fancy labels!
  • We work out of a Skyline Shed in Te Uku – no carpet, no paint on the walls, but thankfully we do have running water and electricity!
  • We test our products on our own stock – Tracey rears calves, Frank is an animal nutritionist and runs sheep.
  • No big budget for Fieldays – we’d rather spend that money on quality products at a fair price.
  • We run a small, tight, and simple operation – good products, good service, good prices. We don’t have to worry about big advertising budgets, fancy packaging, or middle men – we just ‘get naked and get on with the job!’

So that’s how we keep our prices low - by keeping things uncomplicated, simple, and without all the extra overheads that many of our competitors have to worry about and build into their margins. 

Simple huh!

Frank Bellerby, animal nutritionist, set up Miro Feeds Limited in 2005 as he felt that there was a real need for an animal feed company that offered a personal service providing an animal nutrition service aswell as the nutritionally optimum products to benefit the health of the animal and the bank balance of the animal owner.